Advantages: Thread has no odour nor does it contain toxins. It never needs drying time, and by the same token, is never rendered useless by drying up on the palette. Needles never need cleaning. There is no palette to be scrubbed and oiled each day. Thread strands are easily removed from clothing or the carpet.

Thinning consists of removing a strand or two and this is easily reversed. Blending is quick; it consists of combining different strand colours on the same needle and this is also easily reversed. If it should happen, once the thread is blended to perfection and exactly the desired thickness, that the phone rings or if there is some other interruption, not a problem. It can easily be left and picked up again much later. The thread will stay exactly as you left it.

There is no need for a smock, and no need for that embarassing moment should the doorbell ring. Strands of thread are easily shaken off one's clothing, hair, face and hands. Also, one looks less conspicuous working with a dainty embroidery hoop than one might in front of a large easel when in the company of good friends who enjoy watching certain television programs which might not be boring to them, but...

Only one application is necessary but if there is a problem the stitches are simply removed and replaced; this leaves no trace. Serging thread (because it is always serging thread used in vraifil) is available in a great variety of colours, for sale everywhere and cheap. Same with polyester cotton. Masonite makes an excellent mounting board. It is inexpensive, light, easily cut to size, and always perfectly flat.

Embroidery travels well. It can be made compact by folding up with the thread. It is possible to work on an extremely large work in a very small space. One can get a lot done while travelling in a car (in the passenger seat) or train. One could do the same in an aircraft if only they would let us. (Large darning needles work best.)

Finally, a cat will leave no footprint should he chance to walk across the work, the odd cat hair will only give a special charm to the image when it accidentally gets woven into the fiber. On the other hand, every cat owner who paints knows what cat hair can do to paint should it find its way to the palette.

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